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Thank you for your kind words about Amanda that mean so much to me as her mom.  We are so grateful you are part of her story.  I can't even imagine what these middle school years would have looked like without you and your running group.  Now it's time for her siblings to join Gotta Run Kids because I don't even want to think about this year being our last one.  

You are truly a gift to our family!   Jim has started running too, and we laugh about how we look forward forward to telling Amanda about our runs because we know she'll be proud of us.  : )  (Sept. 2018)


Hi Coach Greg,I wanted to let you know how much Owen loved your phone call tonight. It is often difficult to hear a child's appreciation over the phone. I was watching him and he was smiling to entire time you were talking. I have to say that I wasn't sure he would enjoy running, and it is definitely challenging for him, but he is so proud of himself after every practice. Yesterday was the first one that he didn't complain and believed in himself. I see how he responds to you and he wants to please you. He will run faster for you...maybe he will do his homework faster if I record your voice!I also wanted to thank you for allowing the parents to participate. I really love to run with him! AND...I hopefully have a little better form in the long run!Amanda J.


​Hi Coach,I just wanted to write and say thank you for calling to check in on Spencer. It was really thoughtful of you to call.  In addition, I really want you to thank Caroline for me. Because of his autism, which he will claim he doesn't have, he really prefers to partner with girls on school projects and such. Caroline has been such a blessing to me on some practices because she has chosen to run with Spencer and it has really motivated him. I know he can do the runs he does with Caroline all the time, but she really gives him the drive to do it. So, please tell her how thankful I am that she would take the time to help him out. I really appreciate all you and your family are doing for our kids.God's Blessings,Erika H.

​Joining this running club has been the greatest thing for our son. He has learned so much and grown as an individual as well as an athlete. It's helped him to build determination and self-confidence in ways that other sports never could. He is pushed to give his best while getting to experience tremendous camaraderie with his fellow friends and runners. Everyone supports each other and our whole family has loved being a part of it!Stephanie S.



​Under the running program, my daughter (11) has run with Coach Patterson for two seasons and seen incredible improvement. She started at over an 11 minute per mile and is now under an 8 minute mile. Personally, she is more confident, stronger mentally, accepts new challenges, and is goal oriented. She has also formed new friendships and likes finishing a 5k at season end. Parents are encouraged to participate with their children and practices are both fun and challenging to all levels of runners. Bill W.


​Coach Patterson has helped me grow from being a mostly non-runner to a runner with good form. I now enjoy running and like exercising self discipline. I love seeing the results as I get faster and enjoy it more. Coach Patterson is a great encourager and role model.Hunter A. (2015)