How often do you have the program? 
We offer our program 4-times per year.

Where do you practice? 
We usually run at Chattahoochee Point (off Old Atlanta Road), but in Winter we also run at Windemere Park.

Do you have to have experience to join? 
No! We have runners of all abilities join our program.

What if my child already has running experience – is this program only for beginners?
Absolutely not! We have many runners who are State Ranked runners. In addition, our cross-country team – Great Strides – trains at every session of the Gotta Run Kids Program. The workouts are differentiated according to ability.

Can my child join Great Strides? 
The GRK programs are a great place to start if your child is hoping to join the XC team. We do have standards in order to join the team. Boys must run a mile in under 8 minutes and girls in under 8:30. In addition, both boys and girls must be able to run 2-miles without any walking.

How long is each session?
Our sessions run for 8 weeks. We practice for an hour twice a week

Do you have a track program? 
We do not. We have found that the MS school-aged kids like to participate with their MS team. We do, however, offer track readiness sessions which are open to anyone wanting to sharpen up before track try-outs.

What will I need to purchase for the program?
The great thing about running is that you need so little! All the kids need is a good pair of running shoes and a water bottle.

Can parents join in? 
We LOVE it when our parents join in and there is no fee to do so! If they wish to run the 5k at the end of the program, they will, however, need to register for that.

If it rains, do you cancel? 
Not usually! We have found that the kids absolutely love running in the rain! We will cancel if there is thunder or lightning or if it is unsafe to run.

What if I have another sport and I have to miss practice occasionally? 
Not a big deal at all! We have many kids who run with us because they have another sport! The endurance and speed that they achieve through our program helps them immensely.

Can I try out a lesson before I sign my child up? 
Unfortunately, this is not something we can offer due to the liability clause in our insurance.