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GRK Junior 1-Mile Club (K-2nd/3rd)

Our Junior program is first and foremost - a lot of fun! The program is geared towared K-3rd* grade runners. Our philosophy is to keep the "fun in the run!" We definitely do lots of running...but when you are doing a candy relay, somehow running doesn't seem like such hard work! Kids are natural little runners - they move all the time! Our goal in the 6 weeks, is to build endurance so that they can complete the mile fun run at the end. We talk in simple terms about pace (cheetah vs turtle), form (run tall), and foot strike. We also do a little bit of core each lesson.
* Parents of 3rd graders can choose to enroll their children in either the 5k group or the 1-mile group

We have many kids who have graduated from our 1-Mile program, into our 5k program - and even onto our Great Strides team! This program is ideal for any child who wants to explore running or even if they just need to burn up a bit of that boundless energy!

Program Details - Summer 2024
Practice Day: Tuesdays 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Location: Chattahoochee Pointe Park in Forsyth County
Cost: $145 (incl. shirt and medal)
Dates: June 18th - July 30th (race day)

* No practice the week of July 4th


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for another amazing season!!  It was so much fun to watch Stella’s progress from the spring season to now!  I think back to the spring when she was often the first kid off and running as fast as she could ….. and then the straggler at the end. Now, she really takes your lessons to heart (not starting too fast, pacing yourself, ….) and is so proud of her accomplishments!!! Yay!!!!!! Thank you again!!!!!!! And we will definitely be back for another season!!
- Kelly V
(Fall 2021)